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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  August 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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surveillance video. >> police in west depford are looking for the person who opened fire at their police station, and now, the very next day another group of officers shot at. what they were doing when the bullets were flying. >> and this officer thought he was going to pull someone over. he ended up saving a life. what happened to the woman hine the wheel. good day everybody, it is august 14th, 2014, thanks for waking up with us, this morning. >> hopefully -- >> hopefully you're ' wake. >> getting more coffee to wake up. so we want to know what you are doing to get the kids back to school. some of the favorite items, tweet us using hashtag fox 29bts back to school. >> what's always big is back packs and lunch box. >> absolutely. >> in our house. >> so reporters are covering your stop stories. steve keel any south jersey where officer from another police department were targeted again. sabina kuriakose is covering a shoot-out at all place concert promoting peace every all things. first, to sue serio with weather on the one's.
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>> all right, weather on the one's, a number of the day that's much higher than. that will you will feel the difference as soon as you walk out the door this morning, so out of ten, we're going up to a nine, and it would be a ten except for the slight chance after stray afternoon shower, with reinforcing cold front will come through. we'll show you what that is about coming up. bus stop buddy has cooler start this morning, some places temperatures in the 50's this morning. fifty's, 60s, out there, pack the sunscreen for later on, because there will be plenty of sunshine, don't have any rain to show you right now, show you where the rain went, way to the north, nothing showing up yet on ultimate doppler radar, but the future cast will show the out, we got rid of the rain, the clouds, and that's around average for this time of year. 64 degrees, right now, with 63% relative humidity, nice. >> eighty-three the high. tonight down to 59 degrees in the city. even cooler in the suburbs. that's your foxcast from the weather authority. friday will feel like fall,
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cassy. >> oh, my gosh. friday will feel like fall? sue, that was so good. an accident on the northbound side of the northeast extension, unfortunately, right at mid-county, that just cleared out of the way, but unfortunately, still residual delay, volume there at that scene. we are going to take a look at your majors now, things moving along except of course the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike, we will check on that coming up next, guys? >> thanks, miss kacie. developing news overnight, police in philadelphia and south jersey, investigating a series of violent incidents. flan north philadelphia in critical condition after being shot several times inside a home. 4500 block of bev ear street just after 12:30 this morning, witnesses telling police, three men were involved in this shooting, and that they then took off on foot. three adults, child, were inside the home, they were not hurt police say what they call narcotics paraphernalia found inside the home, trying to
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figure out if it is related to that. >> double shooting in south philadelphia overnight, two, 18 yndr bainbridge streets. both were taken to the hospital in stable condition. no word yet on suspect or motive. >> we now confirmed man was stabbed multiple times at pine hill new jersey at apartment building there. that attack happened at the pine hill amounts, located on blackwood clementon road. police were called out just before 10:00 last night, no words if a person responsible for that stabbing has been caught. and, the 20 year old man who was shot outside concert for peace in fairmount park, a concert for peace, has died this morning. and police are now searching for his killer. >> sabina kuriakose live in fairmount park with the details on there is we understand this man, we learned, just died few hours ago. >> just short time ago, so sad, he was attending a anti-violence concert here at the del music center last night, when he was shot. now, as you said, he was 20
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year old man shot twice in the torso and thigh after police say he got in an argument with another man, a teenager over a woman. we don't have a lot of details on that argument, but that's what we know. now the suspect fled in a white chevy impala, fortunately, surveillance cameras captured the whole thing. police are reviewing that video now, there were hundreds of young people attending this concert, to benefit peace, when the shooting happened at about 8:30 last night. and back here live, this is an active scene overnight, of course it, has cleared out. now, again, 600 people were here at the venue. the victim was shot just feet from the gate from where we are actually standing here in the parking lot. why the surveillance cameras were able to pick up the shooting because they do have surveillance cameras now, on the walls of this building. but again he was attending peace concert, and of course that then turned deadly. back to you guys. >> all right, sabina, thank youment meantime happening today, funeral services will be held for the victim of deadly carjacking in
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germantown. keisha williams, her three children, ages seven to 15, died after being run down in a stolen car at the corner of germantown and allegheny avenues. williams died from her injuries few days ago. she would have turned 35 yesterday. >> we are praying for keisha to come home so she can come home to her two other children. but god had a better plan for her. she is up in heaven with the other three children. >> williams will be burried next to her three children. her two surviving children are now in the care of their aunt. there has been another shooting in south jersey, targeting police officers. this time, in bridgeton, and it comes one day after shots were fired at a police department in west depford. >> fox 29's steve keeley live in bridgeton this morning with more on this. ever seen anything like this? >> reporter: i haven't. i covered shooting at police station in buffalo once where three guys with machine guns shot up police station, trying to say we're the boss of this
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town, never two different cases two, consecutive days, two intentional shootings here at police, two days in a row here in south jersey, just 21 hours apart. right after someone shot the west depford police station, in gloucester county, tuesday morning, wednesday morning, someone took a shot at police officers themselves, here in bridgeton, cumberland county. not in their headquarters building here, not in their patrol cars, but right by four officers out on the sidewalk. answering a 911 called for a burglary, here on north street, where we shot video, four officers on the scene, because the resident who from the street saw that two doors on this house were still open, damaged, thought who ever broke in might still be inside, so as the sergeant and the three patrol men come out of the house, not finding anybody inside, and they're walking on the sidewalk, by the patrol cars, someone from right across north street, fires a gun at them, bullet wizzing right by the head of one of them, the four took cover, called for emergency back up, new jersey state police troopers from three different troop stations show up, to help the local police
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here in bridgeton, right away. they bring in k9 officers, they set up block long and wide perimeter, safely searched the area, wonder if someone will fire at them again. but from the new jersey state police benevolent association, we get second, $20,000 reward, head of the pba, president pat cull began, dawn, chris, called it outrageous. the whole public should be outraged, he says, about the fact that somebody's trying to target police in two different occasions two different days. but as we will show you at 63 people in bridgeton not outraged but saying hey, i understand why somebody wants to kill the police, we don't like the police, they don't like us. you will hear from that woman coming up when we see you in a half hour. >> seems like no one is disbelieve that statement even more shocking it seems, steve, thanksment. also, following big story out of suburban st. louis suburb. this morning, where protests continue in the aftermath of a police shooting of an unarmed teenager. heavily arm officers in ferguson used tear gas and smoke bombs on crowds as they
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demanded answers for the shooting death of 18 year old michael brown. the police chief and ferguson says right now his top priority is trying to improve race relations. >> meanwhile, police encouraging residents to hold demonstrations, only during the daylight hours. they say, this will curb violence, the police chief and ferguson is still refusing to name the officer who fired the shots, which killed brown on saturday. however, he did reveal the officer involved was injured. prosecutors as well as local head of the naacp are scheduled to meet with brown's family later today. and of course, we'll have that for you later on fox 29. meantime, it is worse than stealing canned fry a baby. couple steels a young girl's ipod at frozen yogurt shop. what the girl was doing there which makes this crime even more sinister. >> i'm wondering what his parents think, and how come he didn't come home or why aren't they worried about him?
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>> so many questions including how did this kid pull this off? a teenager found camping inside a wal-mart for days on end. the impressive set up he came up with to call this store his home. have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at cool start to the morning, much cooler than it has been. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. what about the beach? let's head to the shore and see what's going on t looks like we will only have temperatures in the mid 70s, today, which is very pleasant,
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but will be breezy, as well. so, make sure to anchor that umbrella in the sand very nicely, low rip countries being, and a eight for the uv index. we've got cooler days ahead thanks to this secondary cold front. one more look at the "shorecast" will show us it will be beautiful day for most of us, 80 degrees, the high, 78 tomorrow, feeling almost like fall, by saturday, we are back to the 80s again, and another ten, sunday, pop up thunderstorm here and there, we still have to refine that forecast, but don't change your weekends plans, kacie it, should be just fine. >> all right, thanks very much, sue. taking a look at the majors, things look fantastic. we did have little slow down. if were you headed out on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike, all clear right now, the northbound side of 95, disable vehicle, right around the commodore barry bridge, right lane block, but not too much after slow down, in that stretch. dawn? >> thank you, kacie. this officer thought it would
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be typical traffic stop. he ended up saving the drivers life. what happened to the woman behind the wheel?
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police officer from michigan being hailed a hero, you can see y the officer pulled over woman for blowing through stop sign. at first, he thought she was trying to get out after ticket. he quickly realized the woman was choking. he performed the heimlich on her, un lodging the food stuck, and she immediately gave him a big hug for saving her life. wow, a body after chicago woman was found stuffed inside a suitcase in indonesia. and the woman's daughter, and daughter's boyfriend, have been arrested in connection to this case. the crime unfolded, and upscale resort in bally. police say the accused pair put the suitcase in a tax taxi
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then left. when they failed to return, hotel suck eye at this guards spotted blood on the luggage, and told the taxi drive this over to the policement then the police opened it, and discovered the woman's body. jodi arias asking for delay in remember sentencing retrial. also said to be no longer representing herself if one of her two attorneys is allowed to quit the case. the 34 year old was found guilty last year, of killing her exboyfriend, but jurors could not reach a decision on sentencing, the retrial to determine her punishment begins next month. >> texas -- texas teenager living inside a wal-mart for four days and no one noticed. employees eventually found trail of trash leading them to the 14 year old boy where he was hiding out. he said he wasn't just hiding, he actually built two secret compounds throughout the store. one in the baby aisle behind boxes of strollers, and the other one behind a stack of
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paper towels and toilet paper. employees and customers say they never even noticed him. >> at wal-mart, someone living therefore four days, that's crazy. >> i'm wondering what his parents are saying, and how come he didn't come home or why weren't they worried about him? >> that's what a lot of people are thinking this morning, police are re looking the boy to the custody of his relatives. they say he was visiting other family members when he dis a periods. >> in colorado, man and woman snatch five year old girl's ipod right off a table at a frozen yogurt shop. who does this? they sat down at the table where minutes earlier kids were having a birthday party. well the woman pulled up a chair. then the man pick up the ipod. and put it casino of sneakily into her purse, then, well, they took off. >> for a five year old, that's just sad. can't believe the human race dropped down solo, where people will steel from a child. >> at first, the family thought the child had lost the
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ipod. until they saw this security video. they say the ipod costs about 300 bucks. and turning now to the crisis in iraq, the united nations has announced its highest level of emergency for the humanitarian crisis there. a total of 1.5 million have been displaced by fighting since the insurgents captured iraq's second largest city mozul in june, then quickly swept over other parts of the country. tens of thousands of people remain stranded on a remote mountain top in northern iraq. the un weak declaration will trigger additional goods, funds, as totes responds to the needs of those many people who are displaced. and cease-fire is extended between hamas and israel, as peace negotiations continue in cairo. >> images of rockets and production were shown on palestinian state tv. while details were worked out cease-fire will continue for at least five more days, officials say, they're trying to work out a deal that will
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ends the war in gaza, still, violence broke out hours before the announcement yesterday. palestinian militants fired several rockets at israel, and in response israel targeted sites across gaza. researchers in canada working on experimental ebola treatment. plan to send up to 1,000 doses of the new vaccine to africa though it has never been tested on humans, comes one day after the worlds health organization said it is ethical to offer untested drugs to people infected by the highly contagious virus. current outbreak has killed more than a thousand people in west africa. >> and edward snowden on the new issue of wired magazine. the controversial image showing snowden wrapping himself in the american flag. he also told wired about top secret nsa program called monster mine, that automatically fires back at cyber attacks from other countries. he says such a program could accidentally start a war
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because the attacks could look like they came from innocent countries. snowden was recently given three year extension to his stay in russia. >> back here at home, long time government official in west goshen township killed in a freak accident, in a supermarket parking lot. seventy-seven year old robert white was leaving the shop rite on west chester pike, when a woman reversed her truck, hit him, and then crashed into the store. white had been with the township since 1980. he was a well-known figure in the community. white is survived by his wife and two songs. the woman behind the wheel was questioned by police, but investigators believe, hey, this is just a tragic accident. no charges have been filed. too bad. >> transit authority has announced tentative agreement with its electrical workers for regional rails. septa board members will give the chairman the authority to sign a contract, as soon as electrical workers ratify the agreement. when that happens, workers will receive a wage increase. septa's yet to strike and deal
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with its engineers. >> good day starts in about 40 minutes. coming up, atlantic city definately needs a way to re-invent itself. so the city trying a new ad campaign. we'll take a look at that and ask will it really work? >> and it is an event of the year. yes, the little league world series, yes, our taney dragoons have gained national attention ahead of this game. and phillies throwing them a pep rally. we'll have much more on this from the mayor himself. coming up at 7:30. >> very deserving pep rally. time for weather on the one's. sue serio, how is the weather looking for that? >> looking good for the pep rally today and whatever else you have planned to do, unless you really like it, hot, humid, we won't be able to help with you that today. because the humidity is gone for the most part. it is cooler start than what we've had the past couple of mornings, you see the sun coming up right now. so, sunny early. now we will have some clouds later on, can't rule out an
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isolated stray shower. just one here and there. friday, though, feeling like fall. cool, and comfy, all day long. and all night, too. so, that's what we have going into your weekend. the weekend forecast is coming up. right now, traffic time with kacie. what, quiet little earlier, but now, not so much. >> i know, thank you, sue. going out to the northeast extension, if you are headed northbound, just before quakertown, you have report after accident there. no slow down, but still take it slow, you might have crews on the scene. looking at the majors, starting to see slow down on 59, betsy ross bridge down to the vine, extra two, three minutes, nothing too crazy, coming right back. how can i avoid maintenance fees?
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phillies had the day off after dropping second straight game to the angels. caught in the act. >> take it away. >> kyle kendrick, go away single, helping angels to four to three win last night. phillies have now lost nine straight games to the angels dating back to 2003. for a look at the rest of the night in sports, here's our colleen wolfe. >> this is fox 29's sports in
6:26 am
one minute. good morning, i'm colleen wolfe. the eagles wrapped up day two, of joint practices in new england, have a walk through today before friday's pre-season game against the patriots. jeremy maclin, giving the eagles a scare in practice, tweaked his hamstring on touchdown pass from nick foles. and limped to the side lines saying after ward he doesn't think it is a big deal. dreary scene in foxboro yesterday. a little rain didn't stop the plans. kerrey williams said last week he wasn't a fan of the joint practices but somehow it sound like he came around. >> yes, like i said before, the best of my opportunities, man, i don't want to
6:27 am
man shot by teenager. the evidence police hope lead them to the suspect. we're back in a minute.
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a man shot and killed at concert to promote peace and now the hunt is on for his killer watch police saw on surveillance video that could help them catch this guy. >> mother killed. her husband arrested for the crime, now their house broken into by two men. but they weren't strangers. the suspects have ties to the family. and you, hey, get out of the way. you're ruining the shot. turns out this animal is actually a bit of a ham. you've got see what he does next. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for being with us, i love that. >> great. >> coming up on 63:00; doing weather on the one's, and tim i cannily this time of day we see bus stop buddy, not at the bus stop today, snow. >> he hasn't been at a bus stop since june. he's been to summer camp, the
6:31 am
mountains, to the shore,'s in the backyard at the pool today. and i think will be a decent day, although it won't be real hot, it will be lovely out there. so you want to make sure to have your sunscreen like buddy. he has the shades, too. off to cooler start than we were the past couple of days, temperatures a lot of them in the 50's out there this morning, 50's, 60s, to greet you. you will definitely feel the difference, when you walk out the door. so out of ten we're at nine today, cooler, comfy, stray shower this afternoon, got to tell you about the possibility, because it is remote, but it is there. so, there is ultimate doppler, 64 degrees, no rain just sunshine out there this morning, 9-mile per hour winds, relative humidity of 63%. 80 degrees is our high. with the clouds, and maybe stray shower this afternoon, but then clouds clear overnight, and we're down in the 50's even in the city. getting ready for a friday that will feel like fall. caste? i can't get enough.
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>> you're good. too good. and i have a disable vehicle, we'll follow that up, northbound 95, not too slow, but around the comedy barry bridge, right lane block, scene again, disable vehicle just taking out the right lane. nothing too major. if you are headed out in bucks county the northbound side of route one, neshaminy, do you have accident there, that is on the shoulder. guys? >> kacie, police in cumberland county new jersey searching right now for the shoot here they say opened fire at officers investigating a burglary. >> yes, this is insane. this is the second shooting targeting police officers in south jersey in as many days. and, fox 29's steve keeley live in bridgeton this morning, with the details for us, steve? >> probably more than a hundred officers likely finding evidence they won't comment on. now two intentional shootings at two south jersey police departments, on two consecutive days this week. so now two big, $20,000 rewards, from the new jersey state police, benevolent
6:33 am
association, whose president called these acts outrageous. so, here we go. four bridgeton police officers checking out burglary call here on north street. come out after home, and when they get back to the sidewalk, someone shoots at them from right across the street, on north street. one bullet just misses one of the officers' heads. they all dive for cover. all call for back up. local police then get immediate help from new jersey state police, troopers rush here from three different stations, setting up a perimeter, and searching for hours, not finding the shooter, and saying no comment on whether they found the gun, bullet casings or any other evidence. this happened just 21 hours after someone shot up the west depford police station, you remember us reporting on tuesday morning. when we checked out the scene here at bridgeton, this morning, residents tell us they were not at all shocked someone is trying to kill police officers, saying the relationship between the people and police here is horendous. >> were you shocked that the police were shot at? >> no, absolutely not.
6:34 am
>> so people here don't like the police. >> they don't give a dam. they don't. they don't. >> so that doesn't shock you? >> no. >> that people were shot at? >> no, no. >> how bad is the relationship between the people around here and the police department? >> it is bad, it is real bad. >> do you think the police here in bridgeton need to watch their backs just as much as anybody else? >> absolutely, to be honest, yes, the truth. >> reporter: well, the police chief here in bridgeton says the shooting at police probably has no link that they know of right now to another shooting on the same street at the same point, same block, this beautiful 20 year old girl, bystander from some shooting died from her gunshot wound. and that's why you see the memorial there, and people out all night lighting as you see dozens of candles in her honor. so a lot of violence just on the one block. the latest violence targeted
6:35 am
directly at police. the pba president here in new jersey, pat cull began, says, quote, for the past two days, police officers have been targeted for attack in this state and we will not stand for t the shooting that police in their headquarters or on street corner something every law abiding citizens should be outraged at. as you heard from there, not everybody in bridgeton so outraged in fact some probably cheering which is really a comment on how things are getting. >> not just in our area. i mean, you see what's going on right now in missouri with the tension between people living there and the police there. so, you're right, not everyone happen width police department around the country, not just in new jersey, thanks, stevement. philadelphia police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch the gunman who shot and killed a man outside concert for peace. >> so this happened in fairmount park, fox 29's sabina kuriakose is there live with the details on this. good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we did learn little bit earlier this morning that that 20 year old victim did die as
6:36 am
a result of his gunshot wound. very sad. take a look. you can see where chalk lines mark the spot where police were collecting evidence last night into overnight this morning. as they canvas this area. now the shooting happened as hundreds of people were inside the del music center here for a concert called philly support philly peace on the streets. it happened about 8:30 last night, as the concert went on inside, police say here in the parking lot. the suspect and victim got into argument. the suspect, 17 or 18 year old man, real a teenager, pulled large caliber gun and shot the 20 jerold victim twice, just ooh feet from the entrance to the center. >> at the time of the shooting there was a concert taking place. there was about 600 people in attendance at the concert the concert ironically was a peace concert, and toy violence concert, that was taking
6:37 am
place, when the shooting took place, about 600 people at the concert, concert ended about 40 minutes after the shooting took place. we're not certain if the 20 year old victim was going to or coming from the concert at the time he was shot, but several witnesses at least one of the witness who is was with the victim at the time was transported to central detectives and interviewed by detective personnel. >> back here live, this is the flyer put on facebook for the concert, again, philly sports philly peace on the spree, actually the flyer even says bag checks at the door, of course, we know the shooting happened out here, in the parking lot where the suspect shot the victim. now, police, good surveillance video that shows the shooting, hoping it leads to a suspect. back to you guys. >> hopefully they'll that much guy. thank you, sabina. >> 6:37. police investigating attempted
6:38 am
burglary at the home after woman found dead in a northeast philadelphia park last week. police say two men actually tried to get into the home of the late connie murray, early yesterday morning. but, a neighbor called 911. and police were able to catch the man. police say one of the suspects is actually a distant relative of the family. connie murray left behind two daughters and her husband, christopher murray, who has now been charged in her murder >> today in atlantic city, releasing information on arrest at a robbery. >> at the time two armed robbers, made off with $200,000. news conference has been scheduled for this afternoon. we'll let you know more about the details the police wind up releasing. >> they say everything is big nerve texas. maybe that's why one guy decided to build himself literally a water park in his own backyard. how he's making quite a splash in the neighborhoods of hood. >> looks fun.
6:39 am
>> five years after his death, michael jackson has a new single. how this all came together. ♪
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> we got rid of the rain, had the humidity with us yesterday in the morning. got better in the afternoon,
6:42 am
let's talk about what's going to happen little later on today. because of this cold front, now, this is not a strong cold front. not going to touch off widespread rain, like what we had yesterday, but sort of reinforces the cool air, that's already in place. so we've got cool air, then cooler air coming. what that means, as you look at the future cast is that later on, shouldn't be big deal. not everybody will see one. you may forget i even mentioned it, having such good time this afternoon doing whatever you're doing, let's check some temperatures, because they are quite cool in the poconos, 52 degrees, right now, allentown, has 58. it is 56 degrees, in bethlehem. and as we move closer to the city, doylestown, 57, warminster, 59 degrees. it is 64, in philadelphia. and in south jersey, atlantic city, 06 degrees, millville, and bridgeton, at 57. and it is close to 07 down in cape may.
6:43 am
>> lands breeze at 15 miles an hour, eight for your uv index, temperature trends wendt up sunday. we've kind of middle since then except for tuesday, we had all of the rain, only got to 75 degrees. worth mentioning right now, the pollen forecast, for today. tomorrow, and the day after that, it is four, medium to high levels of grasses and ragweed out there. so, allergy season, here we come. yes, high of 78 degrees, saturday high of 83, and another ten sunday pop up thunderstorm possible, still working on that forecast, don't cancel plans for sunday, tuesday into wednesday we get stronger storm system. but that's kind of right on time with the weather pattern we've had all summer long. caste? >> northbound side of 95,
6:44 am
disable vehicle, right at the commodore barry bridge, still with us, right lane block, the only good news is you don't really have too much after delay. headed out in bucks county northbound side of route one, neshaminy, accident there. moved over to the shoulder. aside from that just no delays on your majors, guys. >> kacie, thank you. often said that everything is big nerve texas. man is boasting the bigger swimming people, boasting 21-foot water slide, pool's owner said cost him $07,000. also 500-foot lazy river, and a rock climbing wall. the mega attraction holds 600,000 gallons of water price tag whopping $3 million. no surprise, it has become talk of the town, since its construction back in 2009.
6:45 am
>> they say they pay to up $1,200 a month in utility bills alone. >> i believe it. >> yes, 45:00 the time. pope francis arrives, marking first papal visit to the country in 25 years. north korea made its presence known by test firing three short range missiles. about an hour before the pope's arrival. although, north korean leaders declined an invitation to soul for the visit. the pontiff plans to reach out to north korea during his five day trip. during his visit, pope francis plans to beauty 124 korean martyrs. >> looking at today's entertainment headlines, taking north korea objection to upcoming film starring seth rowing and and james franco very seriously. >> that's right. according to the hollywood reporter, the studio is digitally altering thousands of buttons worn by the characters in the movie, because they depict actual hardware worn by the north korean military honoring the country's leaders. north korea considers showing
6:46 am
military decorations, the movie follows rogan and frank owe as pair of journalists recruited by the cia to assassinate king junk aoun. >> forced robin williams daughter offer social media? some have harassed her since her father's death monday. bullies said she hasn't posted enough pictures of her father. and some have been cruel enough to send crude photo shopped images of her dad. in response she made this statement on her twitter account: i'm sorry. i should have risen above, deleting this from from my devices for a good long time maybe forever. time will tell. good-bye. longer response about the situation on her instagram account. >> just awful. the king of pop still making history, becoming the first artist to exclusively release music video through
6:47 am
twitter. >> michael jackson, blase no name, next single off jackson's albumn he is came, released earlier this year. the video premiering twitter allowing use tears access within a tweet. at the very same moment the video hit twitter it also hit philly's massive screen in new york city times square. well, one of the world's hottest boy bands will play its second show right here at lincoln financial field tonight. >> now, here they are, the beatles. >> one direction a link with thousands of screaming fans who undoubtedly know all the
6:48 am
words, next to the sea of teen girls, some parents, including some men, who seem a little overwelmed with all of the madness. one showed up wearing wedding dresses hoping to get hitched to their favorite heart throbs after the show. >> i'm getting married to leo tonight. >> i'm marrying eric. >> one direction concert if you are so inch declined, begins at 7:00, with five seconds of summer as the opening act. tickets are still available, dawn. >> okay! >> it has been more than two months since deadly crash involving comedian tracy morgan state police releasing video showing when police first arrived on the scene, dash cam video shows the smashed up tractor-trailer, that slammed into morgan's limousine van. accident seriously injured, and the truck driver, ken roper, facing number of charges including death by auto. roper was driving the truck for wal-mart.
6:49 am
he has pleaded not guilty. the sit of philadelphia is rallying behind a local team headed to the little league world series. >> so, you can head down to city hall tomorrow, to show your support, for the taney dragons, big pep rally taking over city hall courtyard starting at 2:00 p.m. that's shortly before the team hits the field, in williamsport. and while the team is getting ready to play, they're also getting some national attention. ace pitcher mone dave isay period on fox yesterday morning humbly talking about the big win that got them to the little league world series . >> i didn't consider it paying deal. regular game to me actually really honor recall to make it this far. so, it wasn't real a big deal. but then when we won, huge deal, very exciting, and there was a lot of emotion going. so it was casino of crazy. >> she is so composed for her
6:50 am
age, even on the mound. first american female player to advance to the little league world series since 2004. it has been ten years, here is another way you can join in on all of the excitement. dick's sporting goods creating custom t-shirts for the little league world series available through the team directly while supplies last. we have posted all of that information you need on our website, just go to proceeds by the way will go directly to the team's league. >> just 70 miles an hour her pitching punk up. >> from 45 feet, which seems like 95 miles a per hour. >> and just 13 years old. mayor michael nutter will be joining us to talk about that big pep rally coming up tomorrow. >> we will have live reports from williamsport starting to the at 5:00 p.m. about the big game tomorrow. our coverage continues throughout the big weekends, go dragons. >> yes, well, good day starts in about ten minutes. and coming up: it seems technology is changing the way we talk. have you ever heard of bingy watching before netflix? the oxford dictionary is taking notes. the new words being introduced
6:51 am
to its on line dictionary. some of them may have you scratching your head. >> yes, hey, they just showed house of cards. >> i watched the first season it, it all in one weekend, i'll never get that time back. it was very good show. >> looking at the weather for today, a loft sunshine in store. >> some clouds rolling in later in the afternoon, but enough sun to get us to 80 degrees after the cool start this morning, can't rule out stray shower here and there, later on this afternoon, as well high temperature today, 08 degrees, caste? >> all right, talking accidents right now. >> new jersey turnpike headed out southbound before 195 that accident moved over to the shoulder new jersey turnpike northbound before the molly pitch service area another one right lane block spec a slow down, coming right back.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> 6:54, pleasant 64 degrees right now, the lake in the pocono mountains, the water looks so inviting. sometimes animals get in the way of people filming nature like this guy. camera position in the montana >> glaser national park, captured time lapse scene. then this comes along, little bit curious about the camera.
6:55 am
so naturally, he starts kissing it. how cute is that? hey, sly fox entertaining a frustrated dog. why you should never leave your toys laying around. (dog barking). >> if only we could deciferrer what barking means. this pup will probably never leave his favorite ball in the yard again. playful fox happened to be wandering by, he found the dog's toy, decided to have a little fun with it, it all went down right in front of the pooch. little he could do except just bark. a doctor in maryland has delivered 7,000 babies, even his own daughter. but earlier this week, he experienced something he will never forget. monday doctor michael how muchkiss delivered held i baby boy watch made the delivery so special was that he also delivered the baby's mother, and father, back in thee two grt they were my patients, i delivered their children, now
6:56 am
delivering their grandchildren. just incredible. >> well, mom and dad said they new they were in good hands, with doctor how muchkiss, and were happy they chose him as their doctor. good day is next. coming up: no good news coming out of atlantic city with the closing of its newest casino revel after two years. shore town really needs to turn things around. we'll take a look at what their pr team is doing to that ends straight ahead. violence at concert to promote peace, now a man is dead, shooter on the loose, the police have a vital clue that they hope will help finds this killer. ♪
6:57 am
come have fun at sesame place with everyone's favorite furry friends. enjoy rides where you can splash... and whirl. and, play in the all-new cookie's monster land. with 5 exciting rides, a monster clubhouse and more! buy your 2015 season pass and get the rest of this year free. ♪ meet me at sesame place!
6:58 am
6:59 am
developing for i this morning, tensions are rising in missouri. after an unarmed teen shot to death by police. officers full riot gear firing tear gas to disperse the crowds, what they say forced them to take drastic action. >> back here at home, violent ending, at a concert for peace of all things, man shot and killed, at a gathering to promote anti-violence. what police say they saw on surveillance video. police in west depford are looking for the person who opened fire at their police station, now the very next day another group of officers shot at. what they were doing when the bullets started flying. >> and, some really good news this morning, our taney dragons, are on their way to
7:00 am
little league world series, festivities, being planned for them in the city of brotherly love. everyone is rallying around this team. everybody, taney dragon fever, i think. >> oh, yes. speaking of rallies, big one tomorrow at city hall. much more on that with mayor nutter coming up in a half hour. >> we arranged perfect weather for that for tomorrow. i'm telling you, you will love it tomorrow. today not so bad either. out of ten, we are going with a nine for today. would have been ten. we have the outside chance of a stray afternoon shower with cold front coming through later on, weak cold front, later in the day. so, other than that, though, don't want to spend too much time talking about that, because it will be beautiful day. bus stop buddy ready for day at the pool. already got his shades on, already got the sunscreen, temperatures, though, cooler
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